Natural and handmade:

Long-fiber Turkish cotton is unique. Traditional Turkish textile handicrafts have proven their quality by coming to these days with centuries of experience and knowledge.

An original Turkish beach towel is still woven from Turkish cotton using traditional methods. Production cannot be made if 100% natural cotton is not used in special weaving techniques. This is necessary for preserving patterns and colors and for the durability and functionality of the product. For this reason, you can be sure that an original Turkish towel is natural and harmless for your health.

natural cotton towels


Our Turkish beach towels with unique patterns and colors can be used not only as towels but also in various ways; The small tablecloth works well as a light throw blanket for cool nights, a mattress for the sofa, a shift picnic blanket or a shawl. The thin, long and wide Turkish beach towels are suitable for wrapping around your waist like a sarong and tying them around children's shoulders like a cape. You will get a stylish look in the areas you use. They are also very popular as bachelorette party gift towels right now.

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Bury one of our Turkish beach towels under the sand on the beach, then you'll be amazed how quickly all the sand is shaken in just a few snaps.


Easy storage and carrying:

One of the best aspects of Turkish beach towels; It's less bulky than traditional beach towels because they're almost as thick as a paper napkin, which means they take up much less space in your closet, travel, camping or beach bag. This makes them suitable as travel towels. They are not bulky, you can easily fit four lightweight Turkish beach towels in your bag instead of one classic beach towel, so you have plenty of room for your other stuff. In addition, you spend less on washing and drying.

Fast drying:

They dry faster than traditional towels thanks to their light and thin structure, Turkish weaving system, and breathable texture. Their fast drying ensures they do not hold a moisture smell.


Our Turkish beach towels are soft as they are produced from 100% Cotton. Real Turkish cotton products become softer and do not become scratchy after washing. This way, they won't be rough and uncomfortable for your skin.


Turkish beach towels absorb water as quickly as their weight if they are made of original Turkish cotton. This is because Turkish cotton is long-fiber.


An original Turkish towel, woven in Turkey and using Turkish cotton, is suitable for frequent washing, its colors do not fade, and it does not cause pilling.

It should not be noted that these features are only found in the original Turkish beach towels. Currently, many products are sold in the Turkish beach towel style markets. These products are only similar to Turkish towels.


The main problems experienced by our customers accustomed to classic towels. A lightweight Turkish beach towel is not a bath towel by its name. They should not be preferred as bath towels for people accustomed to heavy, plush towels.

Turkish beach towels are cloth towels. Plush bath towels with high gsm made of Turkish cotton in plush towel style may be more suitable for the bathroom.

Excessive absorbency expectation:

It is necessary to know that Turkish beach towels will absorb water as much as their weight. A good quality 280 gr. Turkish beach towel 250 gr from your body. It will absorb water very easily. However, Since there will not be the same humidity on an XXL size and the L size, most users may have the wrong expectation. Weight should be considered in the selection of Turkish towels.

Extreme softness:

Softness towels gain softness according to the chemicals used and the weight. Naturally produced towels soften as they are used. Also, 280 gr. 450 gr with a towel touch. The touch of a towel will not give you the same feeling. The quality of softness is not at the first moment of the product. Unfortunately, it is a situation that will emerge as you use it. For this reason, it is necessary to choose manufacturers or sellers that you are convinced that they use cotton.

Extreme thinness and lightness:

Turkish beach towels are traditional thin towels. Ancient nomadic Turks preferred it for ease of transport and storage. As it is suitable for most uses, it may sometimes become dysfunctional. For example, it may not warm you up after drying on a windy beach. Due to its thin structure, it can be damaged in high-speed drying machines. Handmade twists can be opened. It will absorb water as much as its weight.

The lie of soaking in water for 24 hours:

Unfortunately, this practice makes us sad. This is bullshit all by itself. Not an original Turkish towel or even a Turkish towel, any towel made of 100% cotton does not need to wait in the water for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, this is a recommendation for products that use a small amount of cotton in their products and interact after being soaked in water for 24 hours. For this reason, we do not recommend such an application to our customers; they should not use the products applied this way.

After stating the real plus and minus features of our Turkish towels to our customers, the only thing we can recommend is to use original Turkish towels instead of similar ones.

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