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Cotton waffle weave towel is also known as honeycomb towel. It has been specially designed to be an alternative to classic towels. It is more useful than classical towels.

Waffle towels complement the elegance of in-home or outdoor use while providing comfort and convenience to the users. Waffle towel models specially designed for women, men, children and even babies can be found in the markets. If you are thinking of buying waffle towels, you can check our waffle towel collection.

Modern-designed waffle towels are thinner than bath towels for easy carrying and storage. Waffle towels have high absorbency and quick-drying properties thanks to the honeycomb surface created with the waffle weaving technique.

Best Waffle Honeycomb Towels

What is the difference between our waffle towels?

Any towel should promise high absorbency and dry quickly. It should be natural. Our waffle towels meet just that.

All of our waffle towels are our manufactured and natural products. Unlike other companies, we use 100% Long fiber Turkish cotton. Most companies write that they use 100% Turkish cotton, but unfortunately, that is not the case. They only use a small amount inside.

We have full confidence in our products. We ship our products with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Thanks to its promise of high absorbency, it quickly absorbs moisture from your body when you get out of the shower, sea or pool.

Thanks to the honeycomb weaving surface that we provide to our company with a special weaving technique, it will dry very quickly as well as be very absorbent. With its very fast drying, the smell of moisture never sticks to it. Thanks to its waffle woven surface, it has an air-permeable structure compared to classical towels.

While using our waffle towels gives you a spa feeling while rubbing the product on your skin. Our soft waffle towels are ideal for sensitive skin and do not irritate.

We combined our Turkish waffle towels with the Turkish towel style, thus providing a modern and decorative image. Our waffle towels complete the elegance in your home and allow users to use them by wrapping them while going to the sea.

Puskul Textile Turkish cotton waffle towels attract users thanks to their small footprint and antibacterial properties. In addition, the thinness of our Turkish waffle towels, unlike traditional towels, makes them more useful and increases their popularity.

Why Our Turkish Waffle Towels?

Our Waffle Towel Models

We have waffle towel models to meet all your needs.

  • Waffle bath towels for bathroom use,
  • Waffle beach towels for use at the beach, sea or pool,
  • Waffle spa towels for spa, sauna or hammam,
  • Waffle guest towels for gifts and your guests,
  • Stylish waffle tea towels for your kitchen and tea parties,
  • Waffle dishcloths, waffle kitchen towels for object cleaning and general cleaning,
  • Decorative and waffle towel sets for all family members,

and more are waiting for you in our waffle towel collection.

If you are looking for quality and natural towels, You can find 100% cotton, wide color and size waffle towel models in www.turkishwaffletowel.com's waffle towel collection.

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