Made in TURKEY, natural home textile products are on sale to beautify your life.

Welcome to! We have been one of the families producing the best Waffle Towels, Turkish Towels, Turkish Waffle Towels, Peshtemals, Waffle Weave Towels, Honeycomb Bath Sets, Muslin Towels, Waffle Throw Blankets, Waffle Blankets, Muslin Throw Blankets, Muslin Blankets for Adults, Luxury Bedding Sets, Duvet Cover Sets, Quality Bed Sheets, Bathrobes, and Turkish-style home textile products in Turkey for generations. Since 2011, Puskul Textile has been trying to deliver our 100% Turkish cotton and eco-friendly products online to our valued customers.

Our bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, tea towels, bed sheets, throws, blankets, bedding sets, and other products are produced from OEKO-TEX-certified Organic Cotton, natural dyes, and old traditional weaving methods; All of our products contain materials that are not harmful to our bodies.

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Turkish Waffle Towels on SALE

You are looking for modern waffle towel products and quality made of natural Turkish cotton. You found them. We are very confident in our Turkish waffle towels. We trust the quality of our products and offer them for sale with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

We produce our Turkish waffle towels with sustainable methods from first-class OEKO-TEX Standard-certified Turkish cotton in our own production company in Turkey. What does it mean? Our Turkish waffle towels are original and natural and do not contain any harmful substances.

Our Turkish waffle towels have a versatile usage area. You can use it in the bathroom, on the beach, for home decoration, as a throw blanket, or shawl. They will give you more comfort than a towel. You will find that our Turkish towels are soft, very absorbent and last for many years.

They are not deformed, and their colors do not fade. Would you like to learn more about Turkish towels and our products? Please visit our blog page.

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Luxury Waffle Towels

Would you like to buy a modern towel that is both decorative and functional and of high quality? You will no longer use traditional towels. Our waffle towels are both decorative and useful with their honeycomb surfaces.

100% Organic long fiber Turkish cotton waffle weave towels have a wonderful natural softness and make your skin feel the real touch of cotton. Comfortably dry your body and achieve a massage-like sensation.

Our waffle bath towels will give you luxury every time you use them; they are highly absorbent and quick-drying.Puskul Textile's best waffle towels collection consists of natural cotton waffle towels in various sizes and color variations suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Start online shopping for waffle bath towels with our 30-day free money-back guarantee!

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100% Cotton Bedding Sets, Throws and Blankets

We proudly present you with the best Turkish blanket in Turkish cotton. Unlike other classic blankets, our Turkish Waffle Throw & Blankets have a soft, light and vintage rustic feel. Turkish blankets are perfect for warm summer nights, stays at grandma's house, and travel as a welcome gift to family and friends.

Also, they are great for decorating your home or any place you want to design. You can also use it as a picnic blanket or beach mat. They are durable for the outdoors. Our blankets are easy to care for and are machine washable.

These rustic blankets come in various colors, textures, and sizes. Bring some warmth into your home with these gorgeous blankets today! We have a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from according to your needs!

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Best Turkish Towels

Have you bought Turkish towels before and are not satisfied? Forget about this bad experience. Why are our products different? We sell real and original Turkish towels, not Turkish-style towels. We produce Turkish hammam towels, also known as peshtemal towels, from 100% Turkish Organic Cotton, using natural and traditional methods in our factory.

You will be satisfied after using our soft and absorbent Turkish towels in different weights, suitable for all budgets. We ship our products with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can return the product you are not satisfied with immediately.

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Puskul Textile, which brings fresh life energy to your homes and produces home textile products designed intertwined with modernism, continues to offer you original products with its collections that strengthen your home decoration, are functional, comfortable, and make your life easier.

Continuing to follow modern design lines in home textile products, Puskul Textile establishes a unique equation in kitchen textiles, bathroom textiles, beach textiles, bedroom textiles, and all other Turkish-style home textile products and offers exclusive products that will help you easily create your style on its online shopping site.

Puskul Textile Waffle (Honeycomb) Weave Towels brings together extraordinary designs that you can completely renew your bathroom; Waffle bath towel models that will contribute to the decor of your bathroom, waffle hand towel models that offer a soft touch to your bathroom, and 100% Turkish cotton honeycomb weaved towel sets that make your shower pleasure more comfortable transform your bathroom into a habitable space.

Waffle bath towels are offered for sale in affordable packages; It is designed in three different concepts: women, men, and children. The white waffle bath towel sets, offered for sale as a set for families, include stylish waffle honeycomb woven models for individual uses.

The best waffle towels with high water absorption also offer unique color options such as white, red, black, blue, lavender-pink, plum, mint green, and beige.

Waffle towels, ideal for multi-purpose use, make it easy to choose sizes such as hand, face, hair, bath, beach, and bed sheet, and make choices that fit your body.

Waffle Towels: The towels offered in 70x140cm, 80x160cm, and 100x180cm sizes are modern and add a fresh touch to your bathroom decor. In addition, you can buy waffle bath towels, which offer different colors and patterns to match your bathroom ceramics, either as a set or separately.

You can evaluate the waffle bath linen models for huge bathrooms and look at the waffle weave bath towel sets offered for sale in two groups. You can also buy waffle hair towels that you can use in your bathroom by examining the options of waffle face towels, waffle guest towels, and waffle hand towels for your bathroom.

100% Turkish Cotton Honeycomb Towels, high quality and luxury products. Leave behind the classic towels that irritate your skin now; with the new modern design and design, woven honeycomb towels will suit your bathroom decor very well. Bring the spa atmosphere to your bathroom with honeycomb carpets of luxury hotel towel quality. Honeycomb bath towels of 80x160cm and 70x140cm are discounted with white, anthracite, cream, and green color options.

You'll be amazed at how fast-drying, highly absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable honeycomb towels do not retain any moisture odor.
Change your shower pleasure and add a new atmosphere to your bathroom with our organic OEKO-TEX Certified honeycomb towels.

Muslin Towels for Adults

100% Turkish Cotton Muslin Towels, extra soft and in large sizes. We now produce diapers and towels made of muslin fabric for the sensitive skin of newborn babies. Suitable for sensitive skin, natural and soft, that will not irritate your skin. In addition, extraordinarily absorbent and luxurious muslin towel sets, muslin bath towels, muslin beach towels, and muslin hand towels are offered to you in different sizes and colors on

You can choose the one that suits you from red, white, beige, black, and many different colors of muslin towels.

Turkish Hammam & Beach Peshtemal Sets: The Best Choice for Your Family

Making your use of towels on the beach more comfortable, absorbent, sand-free, quick-dry, soft, and at the same time more stylish, Puskul Textile enlivens your beach trip with the elegance of Turkish waffle towels and Turkish beach towel models.

While modern Turkish waffle towel options represent an elegant elegance from simplicity, 100% organic cotton Turkish towels can appeal to the tastes of their users and respond to their search for style.

Designed by in 80x150cm, 100x180cm, 100x200cm, and 150x200cm sizes, Turkish towels offer the opportunity to choose between beach towels with their sand-repellent feature.

Our towels that you can use in areas such as the beach, pool, surf, spa, sauna, bath, and hammam; It is prepared in very original patterns and forms such as classical embroidered, striped, waffle knit, waffle pattern, plain vibrant colors, geometric patterns, tumbled, stone washing.

Turkish towels, produced from 100% Turkish cotton, are appreciated for their resistant structure against color fading. Turkish waffle towel types add a solid richness to your outdoor spaces with design options that fully adapt to different decoration types.

Puskul Textile stands by parents who want to make the right choice for their family. Unique opportunities are offered for your family with Quick-dry Turkish towel (Peshtemal) products made entirely of organic cotton materials.

100% Cotton Lightweight Turkish towels (Peshtemal), which are generally produced in 100x180cm size, can be used by all family members. Puskul Textile, which now creates a warm and comfortable space for adults with its extra soft Turkish towel (Peshtemal) set options, allows you to do the best for your family by offering unique designs that all family members can use.

Turn Waffle Throw & Blankets into an Accessory

Puskul Textile waffle blanket products will be critical for your bedroom and living room decoration. Simple and stylish waffle blankets that camouflage your bed and adapt to the decoration of your room; They can be designed as a set, summer, winter, single, double or multi-purpose.

Waffle blankets, pique sets, and bedspreads in different waffle patterns, such as waffle weaving and knitting, produced using 100% organic Turkish cotton, create aesthetic touches in your living room and bedrooms with their unique designs and colors.

Although waffle blanket models are generally preferred in summer and spring, they can also be used for decorative purposes in autumn and winter. Waffle blankets, made of thinner cotton fabrics than bedspreads, help make your bedroom more comfortable by wrapping your bed with their elegant structure.

Puskul Textile supports and keeps your body warm during sleep with its waffle blanket options; It offers warmth and comfort that you can use in all seasons with its waffle blanket options made of 100% Turkish natural cotton.

Puskul Textile brings new comforts to your life with its waffle blanket varieties, vast size and color options, waffle blanket for the living room, waffle knit blanket for the sofa, waffle knit blanket, waffle picnic blanket, and waffle beach mat products that you can use in your living room and outdoors if you want.

Feel the Touch of Cotton with Stylish Waffle Weave Throw and Blanket Models

Blankets, indispensable for winter and summer months, offer a completely different texture, warmth, aesthetics, and comfort with the touch of Puskul Textile.

You can use cotton and super soft Puskul Textile wafer honeycomb blanket designs any month of the year, such as thick or thin waffles. In addition, you can examine the most modern versions of traditional comprehensive blanket options in the bedroom category.

According to the concept of your bedroom, you can choose Turkish home textile products according to the color and design of your room, which overlap with decoration and design methods such as traditional, modern, authentic, retro, minimalist, boho, farmhouse, rustic and nostalgic.

For small bedrooms, you can choose lighter-colored home textile products, and you can change the perspective perception of the space by turning to darker colors.

If you wish, you can choose home textile products for your bedroom in tones close to each other and achieve a unique harmony. For example, according to your bed dimensions, you can buy waffle honeycomb blankets in various sizes, such as 160x240cm, 220x240cm, and 150x220cm.

Refresh Your Bedroom with Turkish Muslin Fabrics Home Textile Models changes the usual look of bedrooms with dozens of stylish products designed for bedrooms; It brings the comfort you are looking for with simple, elegant, and aesthetic Turkish home textile products.

You can use it both in your bedroom and in all rooms, with a selection of bedroom sets made of colorful Turkish cotton muslin blankets for adults. In addition, high-quality bedroom sets and duvet cover models, designed in three concepts as single, double, and king size, are obtained from the most special muslin fabrics, introducing a completely different comfort to your sleeping processes.

Muslin bed linen options provide ultra comfort and hygiene on your bed and help you maintain your comfort during sleep, and 100% cotton gauze blanket types can be purchased within the bed linen sets and as separate pieces.

You can protect your mattress with the muslin bedding sets and ensure that your skin comes into contact with soft and comfortable parts during sleep.

Puskul Textile has a distinguished product collection in the field of home textiles; Cotton muslin throw blankets models that are compatible with your sofa colors and decorative muslin throw blankets to make your TV enjoyment more comfortable. throw blanket products category, which offers functional decoration products such as TV blankets; Introducing waffle throw blankets, Turkish throw blankets, muslin throw blankets for the bed, throw for the couch, and blankets for the sofa.

You can use decorative Muslin throw blankets such as 100% Cotton summer blankets, lightweight blankets, breathable blankets, or cool waffle summer blankets; You can also choose it in different sections such as the bedroom, living room, and hallway. The waffle blanket types, which create very stylish images in bedrooms, make it possible to create a surplus in your decor with their structures that change your home's energy.

You can give gifts to your loved ones with soft muslin throw blankets. If you are looking for a different gift for a new housewarming gift, a valentine's day gift, a Christmas gift, a mother's day gift, and many other special occasions, our muslin throw blanket options can be an alternative. For example, you can choose a lovely Christmas gift with a Christmas-themed and red-green muslin throw blanket.

You can use muslin throw blankets, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while lying on the sofa, in front of the TV, at a picnic, at the camp, or the beach. We recommend you examine the muslin throw blanket options, which are suitable for frequent washing and soften more as they are washed.

Gain Comfort with Turkish Kitchen Textile

Puskul Textile, which preserves its original line of Turkish kitchen textiles and offers comfort to its users with the products it has designed, makes your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Making a difference with kitchen towels, tea towels, kitchen hand towels, and other kitchen textile products and Turkish kitchen textile products that will give your kitchen a new air, Puskul Textile also helps you save time in the kitchen with the solutions it offers through its products.

With their fantastic texture, waffle tea towels, kitchen towels, waffle dishcloths, and waffle hand towels will bring a new breeze to your home decor with their ease of use knitting structure in your home decor kitchen. Waffle kitchen towels can be purchased individually or in multiples. Flour sack towels, where you can store your homemade bread and similar products, are designed in different sizes and dimensions.

Waffle tea towels, offered for sale as ten pieces for customers, are generally provided in single, 5-pack, or 10-pack affordable packages. Especially waffle flour sack towels, where you can store food products, are high quality.

Waffle kitchen and tea towels made of 100% organic cotton create colorful and healthy images in your kitchen with carefully designed and formed. The types of waffle hand towels that you can safely use at your workplace and home provide comfort with the difference of Puskul Textile.

Waffle guests towels and waffle hand towels can meet users' needs with different size options. Waffle kitchen and tea towels, which are with you at home, work, travel, and all other outdoor uses, continue to find a place in kitchens with their modern images and colorful designs.

Offering the best waffle tea towels made of 100% Turkish organic cotton, Puskul Textile; makes your kitchen life more manageable with kitchen textile products such as waffle kitchen towels.

Turkish Towels, Turkish Waffle Towels, Waffle Towels, Muslin Towels, Muslin Blankets for Adults, Waffle Weave Throw Blankets and Turkish Blankets, Puskul Textile, FREE SHIPPING & FAST DELIVERY via UPS Express online sales platform, 30 days return guarantee, cargo campaigns from Turkey.

It allows you to take advantage of unique opportunities for both your home and your family with the advantages of home delivery and seasonal discounts. You, too, can benefit from the privileges of Puskul Textile and start shopping right away to create elegant and stylish images in your home.

We work for simple, quality, and healthy products.

Our products are made of best natural materials to improve people's lives in small but mighty ways.

Puskul Textile is a brand specializing in high-quality Turkish cotton waffle products for you and your loved ones to use. Buy or gift our waffle towel and blanket products to enhance the look of your bathroom, bedroom and living room.

Organic Attention & Quality Effort

We use 100% Turkish cotton in all our products. We do all our production in our country, in Turkey. The materials we use are natural and of high quality.

All products of Puskul Textile are OEKO-TEX® certified, which is the international standard. With this certificate, we can guarantee that our products do not contain harmful chemicals.

To Which Countries Do We Ship With Free Shipping?

We ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg and other European Union countries with FREE SHIPPING.

With UPS EXPRESS, Europe is delivered within 2-3 days, and North American countries are delivered within 3-5 days.

Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, South Africa etc. We ship to countries with very advantageous shipping prices.

We are sorry that we cannot ship to these countries for free. We believe that our product quality and reasonable prices will close this gap. You can check the shipping prices in your shopping cart. With UPS EXPRESS, we can deliver to ocean countries within 4-6 days.

Turkish Waffle Towels in the USA

Are you looking for a Turkish Towel and Waffle Blanket to buy near you in the USA? Puskul Textile's online store offers discounts, deals, and campaigns every day, not on certain days. Enjoy buying the best Turkish Towels Retail at Wholesale prices. All our High-quality Waffle Towels, Waffle Weave Bath Towel Sets, Muslin Beach Towels, Blankets, Throws, and Bath and Bedroom Textiles are on SALE. With our fast delivery option like you are at your side, we send original Turkish manufactured products to your home before they come to Turkey. With UPS Express, you can shop confidently with free shipping and fast delivery in 3-4 days and an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Turkish Towels, Waffle Weave Towels, Muslin Throw Blankets in the USA

Turkish Waffle Towels in US: Don't miss out on the United States of America U.S.A. (USA) for Turkish Waffle Towels, Waffle Towels, Turkish Towels, Muslin Fabric Blankets, Waffle Weave Bedding Sets, 100% Turkish Cotton Duvet Cover Sets, and more Turkish-style Home Textile products from Puskul Textile Manufacturer.