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Puskul Textile' Turkish Waffle Towel Collection

As Puskul Textile, we combined Turkish towels' quality with waffle towels' visuality. We have created a wonderful, useful and special Turkish waffle towel. We offer our Turkish waffle towels for sale with a satisfaction guarantee. Our Turkish waffle towels are made of long-fiber 100% Turkish cotton and OEKO-TEX certified.

Although the peshtemal waffle bath towel is associated with the bath and spa culture, it is a product that has been used in many areas of life in Anatolia for centuries. These Turkish towels, which have a special weaving type, are world-famous.

Turkish towels, preferred by tourists coming to Turkey as souvenirs, are known for their lightness, thin structure and usefulness. Waffle towels attract people with their new modern look.

Towels with tassels were first used as loincloths in the Ottoman Empire. The servants in the palace were separated from the others by the covers they used. Nowadays, loincloth bath towels continue to be used all over Turkey with a wide usage area.

Turkish waffle towel models and their advantages

It is the most preferred among Turkish waffle towel models because it is thin, soft, light, durable, absorbent, quick drying and has a wide color range.

Turkish waffle towel types are traditionally divided into head cover and shawl cover. As the name suggests, the head Turkish waffle towel is attached to the head.

It is carried not by being tied but by wrapping the head loosely like a shawl. The weaving techniques and patterns of the models covering the neck and head differ from the others.

Bath sheets, known as wrap loincloth Turkish bath towels, are larger than the others. It measures 100x180 cm on average. It has many colors, such as navy blue, red and orange. Waffle patterns are thin, small and delicate.

Waffle Turkish towel is thin and easy to carry. Takes up little space in travel bags.
Thanks to their thin structure and waffle surface, they pass through the air and dry easily. It is a very absorbent towel since it is produced from Turkish cotton. Therefore, they are much more useful than traditional towels.

Where can you use a Turkish waffle towel?

  • Spa towel,
  • Sauna towel,
  • Bath towel,
  • Hammam towel,
  • Beach towel,
  • Pool towel,
  • Surf towel,
  • Hand towel,
  • Face towel,
  • Kitchen towel,
  • Fouta towel,
  • It can be used as a head cover,
  • In cool weather, it can be worn as a shawl and used as a throw.
  • Table and sofa covers can be made in home decor.

How many degrees are Turkish waffle towels washed?

Turkish waffle towels can be washed by hand or in an automatic washing machine. Washing at 40 degrees with normal detergent is usually sufficient.

What are the prices of Turkish waffle towels?

Turkish waffle towel prices vary according to the thickness of the products, whether handmade or machine-made, sizes, patterns and colors.

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