How Should Waffle Towels Be Washed?

Waffle Towel Washing Instructions

How should I wash my Waffle Towels in the first wash?

We deliver all our products to our customers by pre-washing ready to use. All products are sent to you after being washed at 70 degrees, ironed and put in hygienic packages.

However, pre-washing before the first use is necessary for health. It will be sufficient to wash the waffle towels that come to you first with a low cycle of 30 degrees.

You do not need to use detergent for the first wash. We recommend using vinegar or a small amount of detergent.

Since 100% Turkish natural cotton products dry quickly, shaking them dry in the open air is better. Of course, you can also dry our waffle towels in the dryer, but care should be taken that the cycle is low.

We mean by drying at low speed. Our 100% cotton waffle towels will dry quickly in the dryer. They stay in the dryer for a long time even though they are dry, causing them to harden and wear out earlier. Otherwise, our products are suitable for the dryer. It does not matter how many hours you do the washing process at how many degrees. But the important thing is to keep the drying at low speed and short.

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Tips on washing and using instructions for waffle towels

Turkish waffle towels and all home textile products, in general, should be washed frequently for hygiene. If you bought a real 100% cotton towel, you do not need to be afraid of frequent washing. You can wash our waffle towels and other products as much as possible.

All products made of real cotton will soften more as they are washed. Even though our waffle towels look very soft and wonderful when you first buy them, you will be surprised to see that they soften more as you wash them.

You have to pay attention to the washing instructions that come with the product.

Our most important washing tips;

  • If you do not want to use fabric softener, you can use less detergent and plenty of water during washing.
  • You can use a small amount of natural vinegar or natural baking soda together with detergent to prevent the chlorine in the water from getting into the product,
  • You can dry it by natural drying or in a short-cycle low-temperature dryer,
  • It is very important not to fold them and put them in your closet before they are completely dry so that the towels do not hold bacteria.

You can follow these instructions for all other 100% cotton home textile products. You can check our blog for more useful information.

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