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Are waffle towels good?

We have prepared the most detailed and comprehensive article on towels. Here are the answers to all your questions about towels...

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Comprehensive Comparison for All Towel Types and Waffle Towels

What is a towel, and how are they produced?

The towel is a home textile product used by everyone for centuries for different purposes and has many varieties.

What should be the best choice and model for the towels we use at the beach, in the bathroom, in the hammam, in the spa, in sports and many other places?

A quality towel; should dry quickly, be absorbent, and be soft enough to dry the body delicately.

Natural and organic cotton is not soft, but nowadays, it is softened by different methods. The only naturally soft thing in the world is SILK. Cotton and the like are not soft after being untreated.

There are two types of cotton softening.

One is natural; If cotton is a long fiber and high-quality type, the fiber is thinned as much as possible by sizing and warping methods and brought to silk softness. Of course, special types; of long-fiber kinds of cotton, Turkish cotton, Egyptian kinds of cotton, Brazilian kinds of cotton and American kinds of cotton, should be used. In this method, the type of cotton and craft comes to the fore, which is costly.

Another cotton softening method is made by chemical methods applied to any cotton, recycled kinds of cotton or even polyester yarns. This method is simpler and less costly. But the resulting product will not be natural and healthy.

For these reasons, a soft towel is not a quality towel. Softness can be given to the towel by many factors, but you can understand a quality towel with its absorbency and quick drying feature. Towels made of 100% 1st class cotton are very absorbent and dry quickly. And they don't have to be thick, either.

It is necessary to look at the towel's drying, not its softness. The absorbent feature of a quality towel should be at the forefront, and it should dry quickly. It is important to dry -quickly so that it does not smell of moisture and does not contain bacteria.

Towel weights should also be included in this absorbency concept. A thin towel may not be of poor quality. A thick towel may not be of good quality, either. The important thing is that the towel can trap moisture as much as its weight.

As Puskul Textile, we use 100% 1st class Turkish cotton in all our products. You will understand the difference as you use our products.

All towel manufacturers are constantly trying to introduce new products to the market. That's why there is a wide variety of towels on the market today. Cotton towels, linen towels, microfiber towels, polyester towels, polyester-cotton, etc., are formed by mixing the fibers. Towels from many materials are offered for sale in the markets.

With 200-400-800 gsm and so many different sizes, models, patterns and colors, apart from the material used only, so much variety creates confusion today.

The product that can be chosen as the material for the towel is 100% cotton. Due to its cotton structure, it is a more suitable material for towels and the like.

I wonder which material, thickness and model is suitable for you? Now let's try to find an answer to this question.


What Kind of Towel Should We Use?

Towel use should be considered in three ways.

1. In body cleansing

2. In your object cleaning

3. Object that completes the visual

Liquid absorbency, absorbency and cheapness are at the forefront of object cleaning.

In body cleaning, naturalness, not irritating the body, hygiene, being resistant to frequent washing, absorbency, softness and quick drying etc. We look at many factors.

Visuality is still an important factor today. Guests, beach and travel etc. For occasions, people are now in demand for light and designed towels.

With these perspectives, towel manufacturers also direct their production.

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So, which type of cotton towel should the user use?

There are many types of cotton on our beautiful planet, and every towel manufacturer uses different types of cotton in their manufacturing.

Especially; Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, Brazilian cotton and American cotton are long-staple cotton types accepted worldwide. However, the Turkish towel is the most sought-after, popular type of cotton today, which can satisfy everyone.

There is no quality type of cotton. In essence, all cotton is pure and natural. Turkish cotton or Egyptian kinds of cotton are both good quality and beautiful.

Only long-staple cotton should be preferred. Turkish and Egyptian cotton are long staples. Of course, long-staple cotton is a factor. The main thing is to be able to process long-staple cotton and turn it into a quality material.

Here the producer factor comes into play. Textile processing, which has been in Turkey for centuries, has led to very good results in cotton processing. With years of experience and experience, the famous Turkish towels have been created.

Turkish towel is essentially a cloth towel. They are not thick and plush like traditional towels. But with the processing techniques of cotton, an original thin Turkish towel is more functional than thick plush towels.

To summarize;

  • The towel must be of cotton.
  • Cotton should be a long-staple type.
  • Craft, not chemicals, should be in the foreground to soften the cotton.
  • Original cotton products from reliable manufacturers should be preferred.

So why is the selection of towels important, and how to understand a quality towel?

Towels are important. Because of cleaning your body at the beach or in the bathroom, the pores in your skin will open. In this sensitive situation, it is important for your health that the towel that comes into contact with your body is natural. Towels produced with chemicals will harm the body during this time.

Quality and natural towels should not irritate the body while cleaning sensitive skin. Especially those with allergens, skin sensitivities, and babies.

A quality towel will dry quickly, minimizing moisture odor and bacteria formation.

We should prefer natural towels for our health. The towel is more important than the naturalness of the dress.

How to understand a quality towel?

Although it is written 100% cotton on all labels or the towels are thick and soft, it is impossible to understand a quality towel without using it for a long time. The chemical techniques used today have advanced so much that the true face of the towel does not emerge after you wash it at least 30 times in your home.

So what are we going to do? Quality towel test tip, only we explain on the Internet.

There is a very simple method. Maybe that's why most towel manufacturers want to remove our article from the internet.

You bought the first towel. You opened the package.

Prepare a tablespoon of water without any washing process; it is important that tap water or any water is pure water,

Slowly pour 1 tablespoon of water on the new towel you bought from 30 cm above,

If there is no absorbency on the towel and the water sways or flows down without being immediately absorbed by the towel,

Unfortunately, this towel is not natural.

It is natural if the water you pour on the towel is absorbed within 5 seconds.

If the towel absorbs water immediately, it is organic and 100% natural.

This way, you can understand the naturalness of your towel with a simple method. But the quality, unfortunately, does not come out without using it.

In this case, you cannot use the manufacturer, the store or the platform you bought the towel from again.

It's time for Waffle towels;

Why waffle towel? What makes a waffle towel the best? What is the difference between classic towels?

Pros of classic towels:

  • They are the cheapest towels that buyers can get. It is what makes Klaisk towels the most preferred.
  • Its production is simple, and its cost is low.
  • Cleaning traditional towels is extremely simple.

Cons of classic towels:

  • Classic cotton towels deform more easily than other towels.
  • It is impossible to understand the product quality of classic towels.
  • You cannot wash your classic towels with other products in your washing machine; the colors will be transferred to the other laundry.
  • If you wash the classical towels at a high temperature, they will deform and harden very quickly.
  • Classic towels are heavy and bulky.
  • Many kinds of cotton and similar materials and chemicals produce classical towels. This is harmful to both you and the environment.
  • Functionality is very low compared to the material used in classical woven towels. A 500gsm towel cannot absorb water by its weight and cannot dry quickly.
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Waffle Towels

What makes waffle towels different?


  • Not every manufacturer produces waffle towels. Weaving honeycomb pattern waffle weave is both laborious and requires experience. In addition, manufacturers do not generally prefer to produce waffle towels because cost and time have to be spent.
  • If 100% natural material is not used while producing waffle towels, visuality and functionality are worse than classical towels. For this reason, waffle towels are made using natural materials. Since this is an extra cost burden, the producers do not prefer it.


  • The surface created with the waffle weaving technique is breathable. This waffle-woven honeycomb surface and breathable pores increase the towel's extra absorbency and quick-drying properties.
  • Waffle towels are extra soft thanks to their woven surface. They are more suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Thanks to its waffle surface, it gives real spa pleasure and makes you feel the real texture of cotton.
  • In addition to functionality, decor features are not just color and embroidery compared to classic towels. The towel's pattern gives a very different atmosphere to the place used.
  • Turkish waffle towels are thinner because they are made from 100% cotton, but they absorb a surprising amount of liquid due to their finely woven structure. Likewise, they dry quickly so that mold does not occur.
  • Waffle towels are lint-free and do not lint.


  • In production, less cotton is used compared to more classical towels. But they are more functional than classic towels.
  • Fewer chemicals and dyes are used in production.
  • You can wash 3 waffle towels with the same water, detergent and electricity instead of 1 classic towel in your washing machine.
  • It is also advantageous to carry. Eight waffle towels can be put in 1 pack instead of 4 classic towels. This means less packaging, less paper consumption and less oil consumption.
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So Which Towel Is The Most Comfortable?

In our opinion, Turkish style waffle towel produced from natural cotton will be able to meet all your needs and wishes.

Maybe the price will seem high at first. But it will be more advantageous for you to be long-lasting, functional and healthy than buying all other cheap towels.

Suppose you are also interested in waffle towels. You can examine the waffle towels and other natural home textile products on Puskul Textile's waffle towel manufacturer's online sales website We are sure you will find and buy a waffle towel that suits you. All of our products are sold with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We have full confidence in our products with unconditional returns.

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We wish you, our dear customers, healthy and peaceful days.

Have a nice day.

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