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Muslin Duvet Cover Sets Rust

Muslin Duvet Cover Sets Rust

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If you're looking for a luxury but affordable bedding solution, then the adult muslin quilt cover sets are just what you need. These muslin duvet cover sets are made of 100% Turkish cotton and come in various colors, sizes, and styles. So choose your perfect bedding set today and get ready to kick back in style!


Item Type: Bedding Set, Duvet Cover, Pillowcase

Pillowcase Sizes: 50x70cm/20x28"inch

Duvet Cover Sizes: 220x240cm/87x95"inch (Queen Size)

Material Type: 100% Turkish Cotton / 2-Layer Muslin Fabric / Made in TURKEY

Care Instructions: Machine washable (40℃ - 105℉) - Tumble dry low - Don't bleach


🔵 QUALITY: You'll never want to sleep under anything else again. We're proud to offer the best quality, 100% Turkish cotton muslin fabric duvet cover and pillowcase. They're durable, soft, and machine washable. You'll also love our affordable price!

🔵 STYLE: These high-quality muslin fabrics are used as a duvet cover, pillowcase, pillow throw, quilt cover, or bedding set. Our best muslin fabrics are 2-layer, lightweight and easy to store. They're available in many different beautiful solid colors.

🔵 HIGHLIGHTS: We create luxury muslin fabric bedding sets. We use top-quality materials and ensure our muslin duvet cover sets are safe for sensitive skin. Our Muslin fabrics are breathable, lightweight and extra soft, made of 100% Turkish cotton, which is highly breathable and eco-friendly.

🔵 FEATURE: Great as gifts, to add to your home decor, or as a housewarming gift, these luxurious muslin bedding sets are perfect for the modern adult. They come in a variety of patterns and designs. They're so soft and beautifully textured.

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