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About Us - Puskul Textile Story

We specialize in the Turkish waffle towel and Turkey home textile sector. Our names are Musa Morca and Ahmet Ufuk Uzunoglu. We were born and live in Denizli.

Our city Denizli - Pamukkale


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We are one of the families who have been working to produce these beautiful Turkish waffle towels in Turkey for generations.

Turkish textile business is a tradition passed down from generation to generation for 1000 years. It gives us the thrill to be in this tradition.

We got this job from our family elders, who are from their own families. We started this business in our childhood. Likewise, we hope that we can also pass on this legacy to our children.

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Furthermore, we established the Puskul Textile company manufacturer in 2011 because we want to deliver natural textile products to our customers. We do not manufacture or sell a product we do not use in our homes.

Especially 100% Turkish Cotton,

  • Turkish Towels
  • Waffle Towels
  • Muslin Towels
  • Turkish Beach Towels
  • Turkish Beach Towels
  • Turkish Bath Towels
  • Turkish Tea Towels
  • Turkish Hand Towels
  • Turkish Kitchen Towels
  • Peshtemal Hammam Towels
  • Beach Towels
  • Organic-Cotton Towels
  • Turkish Blankets
  • Muslin Blankets for Adults
  • Waffle Throw Blankets
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Some companies sell flat woven, long-staple Turkish cotton, but Turkish cotton is not used in their products. It's what makes us sad. They will deprive people of this quality. We are working and struggling to fix this.

We like to strive for this. It is impossible to understand Turkish Aegean cotton, which has very high quality and soft cotton, without touching and using it. We are honored and proud to bring this to you.

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All the products we sell are our production. We ship from our warehouse on the same day as the order date. We are trying to do what is best for you.

Please, feel free to contact us. Our goal is to satisfy our customers. You deserve the best.

Check our website and read our other pages. And we advise you to try our waffle towels. You will be pleased with our waffle towels are natural and luxurious.

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You can shop on our website at retail or wholesale prices. We are expanding the supply chain every day. We currently ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico, All of Europe, Australia and Japan with express delivery via UPS Express. We aim to deliver our 100 percent Turkish cotton products to our potential customers worldwide. You can follow us on social media. You can send a message for your questions 24/7/365.

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