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No matter how soft they are when the package is opened, poor-quality towels usually harden after 1-2 washes. Some towels can even become so harsh that they can irritate the skin.

To ensure towels' hygiene, you must wash them frequently at high temperatures. In your towel selection, you must choose towels made of quality cotton that will not lose anything from their softness after frequent washings. High-quality Turkish towels made of real, original and natural Turkish cotton will please you in this regard.

Why can you buy a Turkish towel?

After a shower, pool or sea, it is necessary to choose original Turkish towels and real 100% Turkish cotton towels produced in Turkey not to irritate the body and absorb water well.

Turkish-style towels made of real Turkish cotton are super absorbent, quick-drying, and thin bath towels made for multi-purpose use. But we're emphasizing it. " A real and original Turkish towel has these features."

Considerations When Choosing Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

When choosing a towel, you should consider where and how you will use it. For example, although linen bath towels have a very stylish look, they may not be effective enough when you want to dry your body. Because linen has a very hard form due to its structure, it is generally more suitable for drying dishes.

For this reason, when purchasing bath towel sets, you should consider your usage area and the fabric features of your towel. Generally, towels that do not irritate your skin, leave a soft effect and have high absorbency are produced from high-quality cotton fibers. The 100% Cotton label is important, but cotton is separated according to quality and type. It is best to buy from a reliable manufacturer.

Although the prices of 100% natural and organic cotton bath towels are slightly higher than other products, they offer long-lasting use and durability. These towels are usually produced from Turkish or Egyptian cotton.

When buying a towel, you should pay attention to the towel pile. The fact that the threads on the towel stand upright like grass means that it is woven in a quality way. In this case, buying the towel you see is simple. If the wires on the towel look as if they are being pressed, your towel may not give you the softness you are looking for very well and may even start to harden after your first use.

If the softness bothers you, you should pay attention to this issue. The point that determines the most important detail and quality of towels is weaving. For this reason, you should make sure that your towel is woven successfully and high. When purchasing Turkish towels, which are woven with traditional methods, you can pay attention to the fact that they come from Turkey.

A simple towel quality test

Drop a few drops of water on a towel you bought first, not too much. If the towel absorbs these drops immediately, it has passed the test. But if the water drops stay on you and flow from the towel, unfortunately, that towel is not a quality towel. It will disappear after 2-3 washes, even if it is soft and fluffy.

Since Turkish bath towels will stay in the bathroom and look clear, they should adapt to the decoration of your bathroom. Therefore, when choosing the colors and patterns of your towel, you can choose according to your taste and the color and decoration of your bathroom. You can buy white, ecru or beige towels if you have a bathroom with light colors and white and pastel tones.

In addition, by creating small tonal differences between the colors of women's and men's bath towels, you can prevent problems such as mixing in your bathroom and create a pleasant color transition. If you mainly use a dark decoration in your bathroom, Turkish towels in different shades of gray and gray will create a very cool and modern effect.

You can reveal your style with different patterns and colors of Turkish extra-large beach towels, especially at the beach and pool. Turkish beach towels will provide you convenience and comfort as they are sand-proof, easy to carry, soft and absorbent. Quick-drying and sand-free beach towels are always a big plus at the beach.

How to Wash Turkish Towels?

Before throwing all your Turkish towels into the washing machine, you should sort them by color. If you do not arrange them this way, your dark-colored towels may give color to your white or light-colored towels and discolor them on the first day.

Although washing the laundry at a high temperature gives a more hygienic feeling, it is still necessary not to wash the towels at very hot temperatures. Because towels constantly washed at high temperatures will shorten their usage time. As much as possible, you should take care to wash it at the temperature indicated on the label on the towel.

Mains water usually has too much limescale, which causes your towels to become stiff. To prevent this situation, add a small amount of vinegar just before you start washing and minimize the effect of mains water.

Towels should be soft and smell good to make you feel good. That's why you can add fabric softener with a pleasant smell to your machine right after the prewash. Your towels have an extra softness.

Drying Turkish towels in the dryer is not as harmful as it seems. On the contrary, you can dry your freshly washed towels in the dryer to make them much softer. You only need to set the drying time and drying speed. However, if you do not have a dryer and you are going to dry your towels on the balcony, you should hang them immediately after washing them.

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