Collection: Turkish Blankets

Puskul Textile' Turkish Blanket Collection

100% cotton Turkish blanket is important for hygienic, quality sleep and decorative appearance. With the assurance of Puskul Tekstil, you can easily find the product suitable for your furniture with multi-purpose Turkish blanket models in different patterns and colors.

The existing Turkish blankets, waffle throw, muslin blankets for adults; which you can choose for your guests or personal use thanks to their different sizes, are an indispensable part of your home.

What are the Turkish blanket models?

Puskul Textile' Turkish blankets are diversified with different colors and patterns to meet your usage habits and preferences. Our wide product range makes it easy for you to find the ideal Turkish blanket model.

What should be considered when choosing a Turkish blanket?

Choosing a blanket suitable for your living room and bedroom is very important in terms of usability. Choosing timeless models with superior quality will allow you to enjoy them for many years. So what should be considered when choosing a Turkish blanket?

Turkish multipurpose blanket, one of the pieces that you will use for many years, should be selected with great care.

The bed size you will use is one of the details you should pay attention to. If you buy small blankets for your bed, they will be unable to perform their function fully. Therefore, it does not provide a hygienic and comfortable use advantage.

If you evaluate it in a narrow room, you can make the space look wider and increase its spaciousness by choosing lighter colors. It would help to choose blankets made of high-quality Turkish cotton that does not sweat for your body.

Organic cotton Turkish soft blankets provide superior comfort and ergonomics, allowing you to enjoy them for many years.

Multi-purpose super soft Turkish blanket models, which are easy to clean and do not require much effort, make your work easier with their practicality. It allows you to spend more time for yourself.

Top segment quality Turkish blankets are not easily deformed after long-term use. It does not lose color and texture quality as a result of washing.

What are the Features of the Turkish Cotton Throw Blanket?

Throw blankets have different features such as product quality, place and purpose of use, dimensions and fabric type. Having blankets that need to know their features is important for healthy and maximum efficient sleep.

Turkish blankets provide a stylish look and help you reflect the style of your bedroom. Turkish vintage blankets with tassels, which you can gift to your family and friends, allow you to please your loved ones easily.

Muslin Throw Blanket Selection with a Wide Product Range

Thanks to their different sizes, 100% Turkish cotton muslin summer blankets can easily adapt to any bed size. Single muslin blankets of 160x240 cm, which you can choose for your personal use, your children and your guests, allow you to have comfortable and organized rooms.

Single muslin throw blankets, produced in 180x250 cm dimensions, are another option for those who want to cover the bed completely. Double muslin blankets are 200x230, 240x250, 240x260 and 250x260 cm.

You can also use it as a throw and shawl on your sofas, armchairs and chairs suitable for these dimensions.

With the assurance of Puskul Textile, you can reach many products with one click according to your user preferences and habits.

Waffle Throw Blankets that appeal to your eyes

Turkish waffle weave blanket types draw attention with their elegance, superior quality and comfort with color options. Your homes become more enjoyable with dynamic designs that appeal to all styles.

Patternless designs that adapt to every concept make it easy for you to have a timeless bedspread.

If you want to create an eye-catching home decoration with a stylish look, you can check out the waffle throw blanket models at and have the most suitable blankets for your habits and eye taste a single touch.

We promise a 30-day free return guarantee for your retail and wholesale purchases of Turkish blankets.